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DIY Hocus Pocus Sign {+ Free SVG Download}

Don’t spend all your money at the store buying up Halloween decorations this year. A Hocus Pocus sign is budget-friendly, easy to make, and perfect for fans of the movie!

wooden canvases with hocus pocus quotes

This craft is an affordable way to incorporate some new spooktacular decor into your home for Halloween! Not only is it perfectly ghoulish, but this sign is also easy to store away for next Halloween without risking it getting damaged.

You could even make multiple Hocus Pocus signs to give away as gifts to your family and friends, so that their homes will be just as delightfully menacing!

Hocus Pocus Halloween Decorations

Tips for making a Hocus Pocus Sign

If you want to make a Hocus Pocus wood sign, here are a few tips to help you get monstrously good results! These tips will help you ensure that you don’t make any mistakes and get perfectly spooky results.

  • Make sure your piece of wood is smooth so that you can transfer the decal cleanly. If the surface is rough, gently sanding it down and brush the dust off.
  • Use the paint suggested below to avoid needing to do several coats of paint on the wood. If you use low-quality paint, it could take several coats and not look as professional.
  • Be sure to firmly scrape your design onto the wood before removing the transfer tape. This will help the entire decal apply to the wood and remove any air bubbles. If you don’t press and scrape hard enough, you could get a partial design.
  • If you plan on having your sign outdoors, apply a coat of modge podge over the top. This will seal everything in and protect the design from the outdoor elements.
  • Display your spooktastic sign away from moisture.
  • Measure out the center of your wood before applying the decals. This will guarantee that your ghostly design is centered.
  • Buy a spare wood square just in case any mistakes are made. This way you’ll have a backup piece of wood to turn to just in case something sinister happens!
  • If you want clean lines of paint, you can use masking or painter’s tape around the wooden squares.

Where to display these Hocus Pocus Signs

Because these signs are transferred to wooden blocks, they make great outdoor or indoor decor!

The “It’s just a bunch of hocus pocus” SVG signs are rustic and charming. Perfect for setting out on your porch or hanging on your door for trick or treaters.

finished farmhouse style Hocus Pocus decor

This Hocus Pocus wood sign also looks delightfully spooky indoors as well! Because the wood signs stand on their own, you can put them just about anywhere.

Set it on your kitchen counter for a bit of Halloween magic in the kitchen. Or, display it in your living room for all of your witchy ghouls to admire when they come to hang out.

They’re sure to look good just about anywhere you put them!

completed craft for halloween

How to download the free SVGs

To download your free Hocus Pocus sign designs, you will need to first subscribe to the newsletter. This gives you access to the free SVG design sent directly to your email!

Once you subscribe, you should get a confirmation email and the SVG to download. Download the SVG so that it is on your computer and upload it to Cricut design space.

Cricut and SVG cut out

How to make the Hocus Pocus Farmhouse Signs



  1. Paint the insides of each of the wood squares, one pumpkin and one lavender. Let dry.
  2. Paint the edges of the wood square black. Let dry. Once dry it’s time to cut the vinyl.
  3. Upload the png file to the Cricut design space. Tell it to cut the size of your square. Be sure to make it a little less than the measure inside of the square.
  4. Place the black matte vinyl on the blue cutting mat. Tell the machine to cut out each image the size that is needed.
  5. Weed image.
  6. Using transfer tape, place the transfer tape over the top of the weeded image and scrape well with a scraper tool. Peel back the transfer tape and make sure the design sticks to it.
  7. Place the design centered into the wood square. Press down and then use the scraper tool to scrape over the top. Peel back the transfer tape slowly making sure that the design sticks to the wood.
  8. After your design is on the square wood, press with your finger along the design to make sure there are no lumps and that the design has adhered to the wood.

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